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Episode 20: Essence Episode 19: Alone Episode 18: Vienen Episode 17: Empedocles Episode 16: Three Words Episode 15: DeadAlive Episode 14: This Is Not Happening Episode 13: Per Manum Episode 12: Medusa Episode 11: The Gift Episode 10: Badlaa Episode 09: Salvage Episode 08: Surekill Episode 07: Via Negativa Episode 06: Redrum Episode 05: Invocation Episode 04: Roadrunners Episode 03: Patience Episode 02: Without Episode 01: Within

The X-Files - Season 8

After Mulder’s disappearance, Scully returns to FBI headquarters to find Special Agent John Doggett heading up a FBI manhunt for her partner. Knowing that type of search will prove futile, Scully and Skinner turn to the Lone Gunmen in hopes of uncovering information about additional UFO activity around the time of Mulder’s disappearance. Although such information leads them to Gibson Praise, the man with Gibson, a man who appears to be Mulder, is in fact an alien bounty hunter. Finally realizing that Mulder will not be found so easily, Agent Doggett is officially assigned to the X-Files. Now, after all she has been through with Mulder, it is Scully who is “the believer” and who must find a way to work with “the skeptic,” John Doggett.